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星期四, 28 5 月, 2020


Eduardo Hernández Santos: Conflict, Censorship & the Male Body

Following part one of his conversation with Lidia Hernández Tapia, Eduardo Hernández Santos talks about his groundbreaking early exhibitions, his recent series El Muro, and the “boom of the phallus” in Cuban art.

Homoerotic Art in Cuba

In a conversation with Lidia Hernández Tapia, Eduardo Hernández Santos discusses his untraditional uses of photographic images, masculine beauty, and eroticism versus pornography.

Cuban Art in Miami: A Quick History Lesson from Ramón Cernuda

This spring, Ramón Cernuda of Cernuda Arte spoke at the Dialogues in Cuban Art symposium at PAMM. His topic: “Cuban Art in Miami, Past, Present and Future: Fifty Years in Fifteen Minutes.” Cuban Art News is pleased to present this valuable historical perspective, excerpted from his talk.

In Conversation: Sandra Levinson, a Pioneer of Cuban Art in the US

In an interview with Cuban Art News publisher Howard Farber, Sandra Levinson, the founding director of the Center for Cuban Studies, looks back on her decades-long involvement with Cuban art and culture.

Recap and Analysis: “The Volume One Generation” at CIFO

Days before the “Dialogues in Cuban Art” symposium this spring, a panel discussion at CIFO threw the spotlight on a formative earlier era in contemporary Cuban art. Rafael DiazCasas offers a considered appraisal of “The Volume One Generation: The art scene in Cuba between 1978 and 1984.”