Вторник, 11 августа, 2020
Домой Авторы Посты от Maya Quiroga Paneque

Maya Quiroga Paneque

Maya Quiroga Paneque (Havana, 1976) has a degree in Chemistry from the University of Havana. She has done diploma courses in Journalism and Speech, and has a degree in directing from the Audiovisual Media department of the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA). She is a member of the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC) and the Cultural Journalists Circle. She has worked as a reporter and editor for culture and television channels on the island.

Happy 200th, San Alejandro

In January 1818, French painter Jean Baptiste Vermay founded the Escuela Gratuita de Dibujo y Pintura (Free School of Drawing and Painting) in Havana. From those modest beginnings, the Academia San Alejandro became a pre-eminent school for artists and intellectuals alike—including a 14-year-old drawing student named José Martí.

Urbanism, Preservation, and Planning Ahead in Habana Vieja

As the 14th Conference on the Management and Administration of Historic Centers wrapped up in Havana, Maya Quiroga caught up with Patricia Rodríguez Alomá, director of the Master Plan for the Comprehensive Revitalization of Old Havana.

On Cuba’s New Unacknowledged Architecture

Acclaimed as a curator and art critic, Nelson Herrera Ysla trained in architecture. In a conversation with Maya Quiroga, originally published in Havana Times, Herrera Ysla reflects on contemporary architecture in Cuba, what’s holding it back, and how it can move forward.

Mario Coyula: “You have to build good, visible projects”

Mario Coyula, an essential figure in Cuban thinking on architecture and urbanism, died one year ago today. On this anniversary, Cuban Art News shares one of his final interviews, conducted by journalist Maya Quiroga for a documentary in progress.

Servando Cabrera Moreno: The Erotic Drawings

Rosemary Rodríguez, deputy director of the Servando Cabrera Moreno Museum and Library, talks to Maya Quiroga about Epifanía del cuerpo (Epiphany of the Body), a show of more than 30 of the artist’s erotic drawings—most of them previously unknown.