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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Visual Arts

In New York, 7 Cuban Artists of the Diaspora

At an exhibition in upper Manhattan, Cuban artists across generations use memory and nostalgia as creative resources to remove the "shackles" of nostalgia.

New Synergies in Havana: Lorenzo Fiaschi on El País del Arte

With the XIII Bienal de La Habana underway, Galleria Continua co-director Lorenzo Fiaschi reflects on his projects in Havana, including the Arte Continua space in Barrio Chino and the proposed cultural and community center, El País del Arte.

At an Old Glass Factory, an Explosion of Cuban Art

Organized by Christian Gundín of the art space El Apartamento, a cross-generational exhibition fills an industrial space near the Plaza de la Revolución..

Detrás del Muro Hits the Malecón

Sunday evening, the third edition of ‘Detrás del Muro’ (Behind the Wall) opened in Havana. Here are a few of the works on view.

Bienal Snapshot: Alexandre Arrechea’s “El rostro de la nación”

As part of the exhibition "Obsessions and Accumulations: The Cabinet of the Artist," Arrechea premiered the latest in his explorations of African-inspired abstract masks.