Visual Arts

Sugar, Tobacco & Revolution: Cubans in New York

With his book “Sugar, Cigars & Revolution: The Making of Cuban New York,” sociologist Lisandro Pérez reconstructs the influential community of Cuban intellectuals, merchants, workers, and artists that grew and thrived on another island—Manhattan. Lidia Hernández Tapia talks with Pérez about New York and the shaping of Cuban national identity in the crucial years before independence.

Biennial Preview: “Detrás del Muro”

Since its debut in the 2012 Havana Biennial, the open-air art exhibition "Detrás del Muro" (Behind the Wall) has been a crowd-pleasing favorite among Biennial visitors and habaneros alike. In an email interview, Detrás del Muro curator and producer Juan Delgado talked about this year’s edition and the project’s expanding role in the Cuban art scene.

Havana to New York: A Week of Openings & Events

Alexandre Arrechea unveils the latest works in an acclaimed series, "Volumen Uno" pioneer Ricardo Brey debuts in Chelsea, Glenda León presents a video at MoMA, and curator Gerardo Mosquera prepares a show on “machines for dreaming.” Elsewhere, Havana art presenters attend ARCO Madrid, Cuban artists join a show of Pop art, and Cuban ingenuity—and artist Pedro Pablo Oliva—are celebrated in Florida’s "Bulla Cubana."

The State of the (Cuban) Art – One Curator’s View

Art historian and former museum director Carol Damian has curated numerous exhibitions for museums & galleries—most recently, Carlos Estévez: Entelechy, Works from 1992 to 2018 at the Tucson Museum of Art. Irina Leyva-Pérez caught up with her there for a chat about Estévez and many other artists, the upcoming Havana Biennial, and the current moment for Cuban art in the international art world.

Cuban Artists, Public Art – Recent Projects and Commissions

This past year has seen some notable public art installations, particularly in the New York area and Southern California. Here’s a quick look at some of the works by (and about) Cuban and Cuban American artists that debuted in 2018–2019.