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Monday, September 23, 2019

Visual Arts

From Havana to Venice: Cuban Art Goes to Italy

Collateral exhibitions augment the Cuban presence at the Venice Biennale, creative entrepreneurs from Havana discuss their experiences in Miami, and a Cuban New Yorker, Armando Mariño, presents his latest work in Harlem.

Women in the Havana Biennial—3 Top Picks

The 13th Havana Biennial includes a number of shows and installations around the city. Here, we focus on three standout presentations: an installation by Glenda León and exhibitions by curators Elvia Rosa Castro and Magda González Mora.

Spotlight on Matanzas: María Magdalena Campos-Pons and “Ríos Intermitentes”

Ríos intermitentes founder & artistic director María Magdalena Campos-Pons calls the project “an integral artistic intervention that aims to build a vibrant city.” We traveled to Matanzas for a closer look.

In New York, 7 Cuban Artists of the Diaspora

At an exhibition in upper Manhattan, Cuban artists across generations use memory and nostalgia as creative resources to remove the "shackles" of nostalgia.

New Synergies in Havana: Lorenzo Fiaschi on El País del Arte

With the XIII Bienal de La Habana underway, Galleria Continua co-director Lorenzo Fiaschi reflects on his projects in Havana, including the Arte Continua space in Barrio Chino and the proposed cultural and community center, El País del Arte.