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Thursday, November 14, 2019

For Collectors

“Life is an instant:” A Conversation with Gustavo Pérez Monzón, Part 1

This season, Havana—and Cuban art—have rediscovered an artist who long ago passed into myth: Gustavo Pérez Monzón. In a two-part excerpt from an interview with curator Elsa Vega and noted artist René Francisco Rodríguez, Pérez Monzón talks about his training and early years, the artists who influenced him, and Cuban art in the 1980s.

Celia & Yunior: “We have never believed in the figure of the artist as...

Earlier this year, the duo Celia & Yunior won the prize for Young Artist of the Year at the first international Cuban Art Awards, sponsored by the Farber Foundation. In an email interview, they talk about winning the award, their current work, where they are in their career, and where they see themselves, and Cuban art, in the coming decade.

VIDEO – Glenda León: “It takes me a lifetime to make a work”

Visitors to the recent Havana Biennial may have caught Cada sonido es una forma del tiempo (Every Sound is a Form of Time), a sound-concert project scored by Glenda León and performed by pianist Aldo López Gavilán. In a conversation with Lianet Hernández, the artist talks about her sources of inspiration, the pleasures of working in multiple media, and the importance of inner silence.

In Conversation: Elio Rodríguez

This month, artist Elio Rodríguez completes a semester-long fellowship in Harvard University’s Afro-Latin American Research Institute and Hutchins Center for African & African American Research. In an email interview, he talks about the experience and what comes next.

In Conversation: Carlos Estévez on Reliquaries

In an email interview, Carlos Estévez talks about the work in Reliquaries, his show at Pan American Art Projects, and about time, scale, tin soldiers, and the pleasures of collecting stuff.