Breaking News: Italy Contributes 2.5 Million Euros to ISA

Last Friday, officials of the Cuban and Italian governments confirmed a 2.5 million euro contribution by Italy to Havana’s Instituto de Arte Superior (ISA). The funding will help restore the original theater arts complex, and represents a major step in reclaiming the abandoned buildings of the National Art Schools, now acclaimed as architectural treasures.

The State of the (Cuban) Art – One Curator’s View

Art historian and former museum director Carol Damian has curated numerous exhibitions for museums & galleries—most recently, Carlos Estévez: Entelechy, Works from 1992 to 2018 at the Tucson Museum of Art. Irina Leyva-Pérez caught up with her there for a chat about Estévez and many other artists, the upcoming Havana Biennial, and the current moment for Cuban art in the international art world.

Cuban Artists, Public Art – Recent Projects and Commissions

This past year has seen some notable public art installations, particularly in the New York area and Southern California. Here’s a quick look at some of the works by (and about) Cuban and Cuban American artists that debuted in 2018–2019.

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